6341 South Padre Island Drive

Corpus Christi, Texas 78412


      text:(361) 800-2512


Tuesday - Saturday   10am-10pm

Sunday & Monday available by

private appointment, only.

  • Since 1995

  • Bachelor's Degree in Art                             

  • 3rd Generation Tattoo Artist

  • Internationally Published

  • Award Winning Work

  • Decades of Tattoo Experience

  • Private Rooms

  • Disposable Equipment

  • All Custom Artwork 


Forever Art is a family owned and operated studio that has been beautifying South Texas and beyond since 1995. 

We specialize in one-of-a-kind, custom tattoos and quality piercings as well as art of other media such as oil paintings and charcoal drawings.  


Exceptional quality in each of these areas is priority.  For example, we  will custom design each and every tattoo for the individual at no extra cost.  If you can dream it, we can draw it!  Bring us your idea, whether it is just a vague description of what you have in mind or images you may have been saving. We will use your inspiration to create the  perfect tattoo using your ideas.   Come by for a free consultation.


Also, ask us about permanent cosmetics including eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, beauty marks, scar and surgery sight camouflage, receding hairline enhancement,  nipple and areola reconstruction through 3-D tattooing.


We  offer custom oil painting portraits for you and also your pets!  Just send us a photo and choose the size and style you like! (Click here for more info.)


Come by today and see what we can design for you! 




  • Portraits/Realism

  • Color 

  • Black & Gray

  • Traditional / Americana

  • Watercolor

  • Cover-Ups / Fix-Ups

  • Permanent Cosmetics

  • Scar Coverage

  • Temporary Tattoos 


  • Complete Sterile Procedure

  • Internally Threaded or Threadless Jewelry

  • Highest Quality Gold, Titanium and Borosilicate

  • Bezel Settings with Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

  • Statim Sterilization 



If tattooing or piercing is an industry that you always wanted to be a part of, contact us about an apprenticeship program through Forever Art's Tattoo School.  Our trademarked materials and hands-on learning make breaking into the arts possible.  Whether you wish to learn how to run the front, pierce, tattoo, paint or just improve as an artist, Forever Art can help you accomplish those goals.  


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