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  • 100% Original Hand Painted, oil on canvas or charcoal on paper

  • 100% Museum Quality Legacy Art

  • Family

  • Self

  • Children and Infants

  • Couples and Friends

  • Wedding

  • Fantasy Clothing/Locations

  • Photo Restoration

  • Pets (Also available with Fantasy Clothing)

  • Scenery & Houses

  • Paintings of Vehicles: Cars, Boats, etc.

  • Boudoir

  • Custom Framing Available

Forever Art offers custom paintings in oil on canvas or charcoal on high-grade, acid-free artist's paper.  

Larissa is a Master Portrait Painter and accepts commissions from clients around the world.

Simply e-mail us your photo or photos (several photos may be combined) and Larissa will immortalize your image in the medium of your choice.

To start a painting, we first need to decide the subject or subjects, background, style and general feel to the artwork: whether it is formal or informal, accurate representation or fantasy.  Size and medium are also important considerations.  An oil painting would be the best choice for a vibrant and colorful piece.   Charcoal drawing would be better suited to an informal and simpler image where the client may have the need to keep within a small budget.  Number of subjects, size and detail will all have a bearing on the ultimate price and turn-around time.

Whichever design option you choose, remember that any change can be made.  Perhaps you would prefer a smile from one photo and the hairstyle from another-all things are possible!  Think of it as a magic mirror!

Your finished artwork can be framed or unframed and can be delivered or picked up at our studio to avoid shipping and delivery costs.  You will receive  100% hand-created artwork that can be cherished for a lifetime, lasting even for generations to come.

Single subjects with simple backgrounds start as follows:

Charcoal Drawing:

8x10       $125

16x20     $150

20x24     $175

24x36     $250

30x40     $300

36x48     $375

48x72     $600

Oil Paintings:

8x10        $360

12x12       $400

11x14        $450

16x16        $500

16x20       $575

20x20      $625

24x24       $750

24x36       $800

30x30      $925

36x48      $1250

36x60      $1550

48x48      $1850

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